Group and Ensemble Instruction

About our Rehearsals:

Registration for beginning players is accepted in September or January.

All rehearsals are group and band ensemble instruction and are designed to the skill level of each student.

Students receive only top quality, professional training from Ms. Allison Higdon Martin. Allison holds a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education and a Masters of Education from Memorial University and has been teaching in the NLESD school system for over 10 years.

The band is open to anyone who would like to learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument, regardless of their musical background.

We accept new students aged 8 and up (way up!). Adults are also encouraged to pick up an instrument for the first time in our bands. Parents often enroll and learn alongside their children. There is something wonderful about a child helping their parent as they learn together. But you don’t have to have a child in the band, either.  Some of our members have joined in their (gasp!) 40’s or 50’s and have gone on to play in Concert Band or with other groups.

Our registration is $200 for the year or $300 for a family. The band will provide an instrument rental FREE of charge to any person who wishes to learn to play. You won’t find a more affordable or fun way to learn!

Some Helpful Advice: 

Missing a rehearsal means missing a week’s worth of material so musicians should attend regularly.  Every rehearsal helps our players be the best they can be!

Students should be encouraged to practice daily for 15 –20 minutes. A parent’s encouragement and guidance are important for a child’s success. Sometimes a child’s encouragement and guidance are just as important for our adult players!

The instrument you select will be yours for your entire stay with the band. Please look after it.  Should something happen to your instrument while it is in your care, please bring it to us to repair.  Do not take it for repairs or try to fix it yourself. We understand that sometimes things break.

A person does not become a musician in one day, or one month, but over a number of months or years.  Some students may become frustrated at times, but day by day practice begins to fall into place and with time the learning becomes easier and more exciting. A student should understand that the first year may come slowly and commit to spending at least a year to learning a new instrument – it really does take that time to find your ‘voice’.

Remember: Anyone can find success with the CBS Band!