For over 50 years, the CBS Band has supplied concert band music, instruction and instrument usage to its members who otherwise might not have been able to afford it. Our most basic philosophy is that music is an education and a recreation that should be available to everyone. It teaches patience, concentration and perseverance, and it stimulates the mind.

In 1963, Mr. Herbert Hellen saw the need in Conception Bay South for a music program for children. Recognizing that the cost of instruments and music instruction was prohibitive for many people, he offered free instruction and formed the CBS Band.  The band has since expanded to offer 2 main programs; group brass, woodwind, percussion and ensemble instruction and the CBS Concert Band.

After Mr. Hellen’s retirement, in 1980, the band’s success was carried on by several directors, Donald Butler, Heather Goulding and Lester Goulding. By 1984, Ms. Margaret Rowe Larder returned to Newfoundland to take over the role of director.  A long-standing member of the band herself, Margaret had applied her understanding, knowledge and commitment to the band’s philosophy. Margaret retired from the band in 2011 after 27 years.

In September of 2011, Mr. Jeff Stentaford, who holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Memorial and a Master of Music degree from Duquesne University, and a former student of the band, returned to assist in the teaching of the beginner, elementary and junior students.  Jeff’s presence allows us to expand on the great work of this program, and helps to ensure the tradition of the band. In September of 2012, Jeff assumed the position of Director of the CBS Band.

The CBS Band nurtures a dedication to excellence. Many past students have become high profile members of the community – lawyers, engineers, politicians, doctors, and of course, musicians, a career path they may have never known possible without the band. They rightfully claim responsibility for their success, but we know we have played a role in helping to make it happen.